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Cervical Dilation Childbirth Activity | Family and Consumer Sciences | Parenting, Health, Child Development

A lot of the fun stuff that happens in my classroom is hard to summarize in a blog post, so I’m going to give vlogging a try. Check out my first video here. I describe how we used balloons and ping pong balls to demonstrate […]

Quilt Block Introduction Activity | Family and Consumer Sciences Back to School

I teach all Health and FCS classes in our small 7-12 school so it is very likely a student has had me before, sometimes in the same day. To keep things interesting for them (and, let’s be honest, myself) I like to switch up our […]

Introducing Collards and Sense: A Free Curriculum to Help High School Students Make Smart Choices With Their Food Dollars


As you have probably noticed from my lack of posting here and on social media, my life has been consumed with graduate school. One of the classes I took was Family Budgeting and Debt Management. It is an undergraduate level course so I completed a big project to justify the graduate credit. (more…)

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