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Cake Decorating Formative Assessment With Pinterest

Teachers know, especially Family and Consumer Sciences and teachers of lab-based classes, that being gone is never worth the work of prepping for a sub. I always feel guilty just babysitting my students with a video, so I have been tending toward technology projects in my absence.

I was really happy with how my sub and students handled a recent absence. Students started by working on their cake study guide. (Here is a link to mine. It corresponds with my Culinary Essentials Glencoe textbook.) Next, students watched the decorating portion of Just the Facts: Cake Decorating.

The most fun part came when my students went to the lab to work on their Cake Decorating Scavenger Hunt on Pinterest.  They were given a list of several basic decorating techniques and pinned each one to their boards. Boards can be shared with a text link or by emailing the board.

I like this activity because it gives students prospective on their projects. So many of them go in to their cakes expecting them to be Cake Boss quality. This activity gives students lots of inspiration to see that they can apply very basic techniques and still have a beautiful cake on their first try.

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