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Basic Baking Ingredients

What is Gluten Anyway?

I had a good laugh watching this clip from Jimmy Kimmel. Although avoiding gluten can be live-changing for some people, the wheat protein is overwhelmingly painted as a nutritional bad-guy. To prove that people are buying into the hype, the show asked people if they […]

Offbeat Basic Ingredients Lab: Make Seitan to Demonstrate Stretchy Gluten

We are working through the basic baking ingredients and today we spent time talking about wheat flour.  Wheat is so crucial to baking because of the stretchy structure of gluten and the thickening power of starch. To demonstrate the stretchy structure of gluten we made […]

Demonstrate Basic Baking Ingredients with a Simple Pancake Lab

This simple pancake lab was a nice transition between our Basic Baking Ingredients and Quick Breads unit. Each of four kitchen groups were given the same pancake recipe but omitted a different ingredient. Eggs,   leavening agent,  liquid,  and flour. Then I demonstrated basic quick bread […]