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Healthy Plant-Based Protein Beans Lab | Family and Consumer Sciences Foods Lab

Our recent whole grains and beans snack lab was very popular. Students enjoyed learning to incorporate healthy plant-based proteins into their diets with healthy snacks. Just kidding- they liked cooking and eating. But we know they learned in the process. đŸ˜‰ First, every group made a […]

How To Substitute Squash for Pumpkin, Roast Seeds, Roast Squash, Microwave Shortcut

Yesterday’s post about our huge squash donation came up with a few questions. I worked to answer them below. Hope it helps! Really? You can substitute squash for pumpkin? Yes, with excellent results! It is a great money saver, especially when baking on such a […]

We Are Thankful for Mrs. Buh and Bass Farms of Cedar Rapids Iowa for the Squash Donation

This Thanksgiving my students were especially thankful for our associate, Mrs. Buh, who organized a donation of more than 25 squashes to our FCS department. The CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) program that she is part of said she could have whatever squash was leftover in the […]