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Classroom Gardening and Composting

Kid and Student-Friendly Homemade Pesto and Pasta Recipe

My students recently made homemade pasta to go with pesto from basil they grew in their garden. I have never made pesto before because the basil is so expensive, but by growing our own herbs we made enough for the whole class to enjoy. The […]

Planting Our Little Classroom Garden

Last week my students planted a small garden as part of their Food Issues unit. We are talking about where our food comes from and the importance of local food and community resources. Our National Honor Society sponsor was kind enough to include my class […]

Companion Planting with Compost, Sunflowers, and Cucumbers

We were fortunate to have a few hours of sunshine this weekend. I continued my small-space gardening projects by companion planting sunflowers and cucumbers around my compost bin. You can read the guest post on my mom’s blog, Jo’s Country Junction. Thank you for reading! […]