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Student-Directed Comprehensive Jeopardy Review Game

Student-Directed Comprehensive Jeopardy Review Game

It can be challenging to fit the content of an entire course or unit into a single review game. For that, I recruit my student’s help to create their own game. Thank you for reading! Follow updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or sign up to […]

Quilt Block Introduction Activity | Family and Consumer Sciences Back to School

I teach all Health and FCS classes in our small 7-12 school so it is very likely a student has had me before, sometimes in the same day. To keep things interesting for them (and, let’s be honest, myself) I like to switch up our […]

Ten Ways To Save On Foods Labs | Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics

I’ve always been a pretty frugal person which has served me well as a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher. Food prices have been rising much faster than my budget allotment. Here are some tips for how I’ve been able to keep up. Portion size Cut […]