Teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences and Health to Middle- and High-School Students

Classroom Management

Welcome to my Family and Consumer Sciences Classroom 2015

Welcome back to school, everyone! Our first day was today, Tuesday, with an early dismissal. That leaves me with a few minutes to share some of my classroom updates and organization strategies. I’ve shared in the past that my kitchens are quite retro. I LOVE […]

Hand Sanitizer Hall Pass

How do you like my new hall pass? The students think it is pretty funny. It’s not the best one in the school, but I don’t care to compete with a giant plastic fish or a toilet seat. As you can see, I added a […]

Soap Saving Trick for Family and Consumer Sciences Labs

This tip came up in one of the Family and Consumer Sciences Facebook groups I am part of. I’ve implemented it over the last term and highly recommend it! I have five plastic drinking cups labeled with a kitchen number. Before a lab, an associate, […]