Teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences and Health to Middle- and High-School Students

Classroom Management

First Day of School Icebreakers for Family and Consumer Sciences Classes

One of my favorite activities to get to know students is with a signature grid “Bingo” icebreaker. They are fun for a few reasons… First, students get up and out of their seats on the first day, which usually has a lot of sitting and […]

Welcome to my Family and Consumer Sciences Classroom 2015

Welcome back to school, everyone! Our first day was today, Tuesday, with an early dismissal. That leaves me with a few minutes to share some of my classroom updates and organization strategies. I’ve shared in the past that my kitchens are quite retro. I LOVE […]

Hand Sanitizer Hall Pass

How do you like my new hall pass? The students think it is pretty funny. It’s not the best one in the school, but I don’t care to compete with a giant plastic fish or a toilet seat. As you can see, I added a […]