Teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences and Health to Middle- and High-School Students

Fruits and Vegetables

Mongolian Grill FaCS Vegetable Lab

I wanted to try something new for my cooked vegetables lab. How could I introduce the most vegetables to students, demonstrate how to prepare the biggest variety, and assess developing knife skills? Our Mongolian Grill lab was the answer. The students had a lot of fun while […]

Freaky Fruit Halloween Healthy Food Demonstration

On Halloween I found myself in an awkward spot between lessons that left me with an extra half hour of class. I took advantage of the holiday and used it to demonstrate how to prepare some fun fruits that don’t otherwise fit in the curriculum. First, I […]

Students Collaborate with School Lunch Program to Make Fruits and Vegetables Appealing to Teenagers

As their final project for Foods and Nutrition, students researched the restrictions of the USDA school lunch regulations and set out to create a fruit or vegetable side dish that fit the restrictions while still appealing to teenagers. The students started by touring the school […]