Teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences and Health to Middle- and High-School Students

Garde Manger

Collaborative Garnish Lab Experience for Family and Consumer Sciences – Home Economics

As part of our study of the contrasts to great plate composition¬†students practiced making some simple garnishes.¬† I hope what you’ve read is useful! I post here biweekly with resources for Family and Consumer Sciences and Home Economics teachers and share my classroom happenings much […]

How to Make a Radish Mouse Garnish

This weekend I helped my mother-in-law put together the food for her witch-themed party. These radish mice were an adorable addition to the salad. They are simple to make for yourself: Scrub the radishes well. Trim off the tops but leave the root “tail” intact. […]

Health Fair Appetizers Garde Manger Unit

I have an amazing coworker who organizes, every other year, a health fair that features local health-related vendors. My school extends first block so that every class can spend at least a half hour at the exhibits, learning more about resources in our area. She […]