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Free Printable Graduate School Assignment Calendar

I (think I) have my first zero in my college career and I am not happy about it. I posted to a discussion board but did not get my response in before the 8 am (not pm!) deadline. I am reminded of two things:

  1. Give my kids a little grace.
  2. Get organized!

I put together these calendars to help guide me through the term. I have a nice daily planner that just isn’t cutting it for seeing the big picture. My new calendars will be grad-school specific and I can see all my classes for the whole month at once. I’m breathing easier already!

Download my calendar here. It prints on 11 x 17 paper and can be folded in half and hole punched for a binder. This calendar has all of my classes on it so you will need to change that of course. Maybe your life is more exciting and you can use it as a meal planner or blog editorial calendar. Enjoy!

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