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Student-Directed Comprehensive Jeopardy Review Game

Student-Directed Comprehensive Jeopardy Review Game

It can be challenging to fit the content of an entire course or unit into a single review game. For that, I recruit my student’s help to create their own game. Thank you for reading! Follow updates on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or sign up to […]

Thrifted Magnetic Picture Frames

Just a quick note to share how excited I am for these little picture frames! I picked up 12 of them for 10 cents each from a thrift shop last weekend. They are 4 x 6 which is the perfect size for posting pictures and […]

Bring Your Buddy to Work Day

Look at this handsome fellow who played in my classroom after school! This is my six-year-old dog, Tony. He is not “officially” registered as a therapy dog but has been excellent at nursing homes and elementary schools. Tony will be serving as the class pet […]