Thrifted Magnetic Picture Frames

Just a quick note to share how excited I am for these little picture frames! I picked up 12 of them for 10 cents each from a thrift shop last weekend. They are 4 x 6 which is the perfect size for posting pictures and recipe cards on my vintage metal cabinets and magnetic white boards.

Bring Your Buddy to Work Day

Look at this handsome fellow who played in my classroom after school! This is my six-year-old dog, Tony. He is not “officially” registered as a therapy dog but has been excellent at nursing homes and elementary schools. Tony will be serving as the class pet for students with Autism and will visit every Monday.
The students took great care of Tony and loved having him visit. Tony had the time of his life getting affection from people all day long. He is such a calming presence in my home and I’m glad to have the opportunity to