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How To Remember English System of Volume Measurements | Gallon/Quart/Pint/Cup | Family and Consumer Sciences / Home Economics

To help students remember their English system volume measurements I tell them a story about the Great Land of Gallon. Draw a giant G and tell the students about the Great Land of Gallon The land is ruled by four queens. (Draw four Q’s inside […]

Monster Cookie Math and Measuring | Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Lab

I was writing another post and looking to link to my Monster Cookie Math and Measuring lab, only to find that I have never blogged about it. How could that be?! It is one of my very favorites! I’ll get to that shortly, but first […]

Practicing Volume Equivalents With the Card Game “War”

Volume measurement equivalents are one of the most confusing, and therefore frustrating, concepts for students. I’m certainly not against making an elective class challenging, but I also don’t want students to hate me :). One way I ease the pain of volume equivalents is by […]