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Meat and Poultry

Primal Cut Collaborative Poster Project | Family and Consumer Sciences | Agriculture

The big picture I want my students to take from our meat unit is being able to choose the correct cooking method for each cut of meat. Knowing this has to do with knowing where the muscle is located on the animal and whether it […]

FaCS Meat Lab

To demonstrate tender-cut meat cookery, my students made recipes from Cook This, Not That!: Kitchen Survival Guide. Books from the whole Eat This, Not That! series are excellent because they offer lots of flavor for low calories. The recipes are fairly simple to make and […]

Chopped! Chicken Lab Results

After my students didn’t send me their recipes on time I had them do a “Chopped” style lab. In the Food Network show, contestants are given several mystery ingredients that must be made into a specified dish. The students each drew a market cut of […]