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FaCS Demonstration: Cutting A Whole Chicken

Probably my least favorite farm task, although my parents were supportive of me getting out of it, was cutting up chicken. It is, however, a very economical way to purchase meat for a family. Instead of market cuts families can take advantage of the “extras” like bones and giblets to stretch meals.

Students got started with their study guides, Culinary Essentials Study Guide, Chapter 22: Poultry. We watched the last ten minutes of Cutthroat Kitchen which shows contestants cutting a whole chicken and preparing chicken giblets.

Good Eats Season 14 [HD] Grillis Domesticus does a great job explaining various market cuts of chicken as well as a demonstration of cutting up a whole chicken in the first ten minutes. My set of DVDs does not include this episode but it is only $1.99 at Amazon.

Last week my students drew cards for various chicken parts. I demonstrated cutting up a whole chicken and reviewed student study guides using this outline.

Students worked in groups to decide what to make with their assigned market cut. Their grocery orders are due today at the end of lunch. I look forward to seeing what they come up with. I’ve heard rumor of fried chicken with waffles and giblet gravy. :-/

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