Teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences and Health to Middle- and High-School Students

Small Appliances

Small Appliances Demonstration: Microwaved Thanksgiving FACS Lab

After students learned how a microwave oven works with the Peeps Experiment and notes, they demonstrated their skills with a Thanksgiving feast. The five kitchens each made a recipe and arranged them buffet-style for the other students to try.  This lab is always a hit […]

Peeps Microwave Experiment

Apparently the “Cinnamon Challenge” is (finally) losing its appeal and the new “thing” is to microwave peeps.  What a cool way to demonstrate how a microwave works! Many people roll their eyes when I talk about teaching high school students to use a microwave.  I […]

Small Appliances Demonstration: Chocolate Waffle Cookies

What a delicious way to demonstrate a waffle iron! I made chocolate waffle cookies for my students.  Very few of them have a waffle iron at home, and if they do it is under-utilized.  A waffle iron makes cookies in 90 seconds as opposed to […]