Food Safety and Sanitation Slogan Posters | Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Activity

food-safety-and-sanitation-slogan-posters family consumer sciences home economics culinary lesson plan activity

Every foods class that I teach starts with teaching or reviewing food safety and sanitation. Students are anxious to get in kitchens so I work to make the sometimes dry information more fun and engaging. I love when students make these posters because the students repeat the slogans to each other throughout the class. I can also see them muttering slogans to themselves as they take a test. They are a great way to brighten up my dull cabinets.


  • 30 minutes to assign posters and give students a good start
  • I assign this project early in the unit and have students present as a review for the unit. I spend about 30 minutes in class to explain the project and give students a start. The remainder can be homework or you can give class work time based on what else you plan for the unit.


  • Start by asking students what you mean by “Never Eat Soggy Waffles.” (North, East, South, West) Explain that sometimes silly phrases, songs, words, or pictures can better help you remember information. Give some examples of your own.
  • Introduce the Foodborne Illness Parody video. Ask the students to pick out different food safety facts from the video.
  • Discuss the video after watching. Quiz students about information from the video and see if they sing it back to you.


  • Distribute plain paper. Explain that one side will be the checklist and the other will become the poster.
  • Share the expectations slide with the students. They should copy the information to make a checklist for themselves.
  • Share the example slide. Explain how the slide fits all of the expectations.
  • Pass around the topic sign-up list. This step is to make sure there are not too many repeats. The topics align with my new “Food For Today” textbook, but they are general enough to work with any text. Students could also look for facts online.
  • Set the due date for the posters on the day of the test. Students present their posters to review information from the unit.

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Color For a Cause Spirit Week Charity Fundraiser Idea

High school students raised money for charity organizations during winter spirit week with their "Color for a Cause" challenge.

I’m so fortunate to work in a two-person department, especially with my inspiring friend and co-worker Vivian. With her fun and energetic personality she makes a great cheerleading coach too.

This year she tried something new for spirit week with great success! Here she is:

As Cheer Coach of the Marion High School Winter Cheerleaders I recommended we try to do something different this year for our Winter Spirit Week. We asked students to dress in specific colors each day to support four specific causes that we selected. Along with dressing up in a different color each day we also had a little spirited competition between the classes which I entitled COLOR FOR A CAUSE. During their mentor time each day they could purchase links to their class chain for .25 cents a link or 4 links for a $1.00. Students could pick their favorite cause and show their school spirit while doing so. It ended up being a great competition between classes with the senior class winning with 454 links to their chain, freshman had 374 links, with juniors chain links being 345 and sophomores 297 links long. Our spirit week raised a total of $391.50. We will be sending the following checks :
Colon Cancer $100
Alzheimer Disease $100
Breast Cancer $120
Suicide Prevention $50
MHS Spirit Fund $21.50

What a great idea that I had to pass along. This would be a great for Family and Consumer Sciences with FCCLA chapters. Think of the wonderful initiatives you could bring attention to!

Fad Diet Evaluation | Family and Consumer Sciences, Home Economics, Health, Nutrition Activity

Students research fad diets and create a plate to illustrate how un-balanced it is. Great Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, or Nutrition activity to go along with MyPlate

Nutrition is one of the most difficult topics for me to teach, but also my favorite. It is hard to sort through all of the diet messages that our students get every day. Instead of teaching them the exact way to eat I hope to teach them to be thoughtful consumers of information.

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