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Yeast Bread

Good Eats: Pretzel Logic | Three-Day Yeast Dough Soft Pretzels Lab

Oh. My. Goodness. It is recipes like this that make people think Family and Consumer Sciences teachers have magic superpowers. (Does anyone else feel under high pressure at potlucks?) Even if you don’t have time to make these soft yeast dough pretzels with your students, […]

Demonstrate Yeast Bread Method with Best-Ever Cinnamon Rolls | Family and Consumer Sciences, Home Economics Lab Experience

This week my students made one of the most popular recipes at our school: Our overnight whole wheat cinnamon rolls. They have become a favorite of mine as well. The same overnight method that makes them convenient for classroom use makes them great for special […]

Yeast Bread Notes with Honey Whole Wheat Rolls Demonstration | Family and Consumer Sciences, Home Economics Activity

Last week I shared my Modern Marvels Bread-in-a-Bag Activity that I use to introduce yeast bread to by Bakery students. This week we went over our yeast bread notes with an overnight honey whole wheat rolls recipe. Here are the student fill-in-the-blank notes Here is […]