Teacher of Family and Consumer Sciences and Health to Middle- and High-School Students


I teach 7-12 Family and Consumer Sciences at a small school in rural Iowa. Here is a list of my courses with links to outlines of topics and activities for each course.

I hope what you've read is useful! I post here biweekly with resources for Family and Consumer Sciences and Home Economics teachers and share my classroom happenings much more frequently on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Sign up to receive an email when new content is added to my blog. Thanks for visiting!

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  • Love your web page. I am a new high school FACS teacher in NJ. Can you please help me. I would love to get copies of some of your lesson plans. I teach Foods I and II to students who never had FACS in the middle school. This is their first chance at this class. I need to have project based lessons because I only have a 2,500 budget for 180 days and 6 classes. I meet with them each day for 42 minutes. I feel like I can teach most things I just like lesson plans to teach from. Any lessons you would like to share would be wonderful .

    thanks so much

    • Hi Carrie, I don’t have formal lesson plans to share but there are many activities here on the site. In the categories section I have activities specific to Food and Nutrition, as well as broken down by category such as measuring, sanitation, etc.

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