I teach 7-12 Family and Consumer Sciences at a small school in rural Iowa. Here is a list of my courses with links to outlines of topics and activities for each course.

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  1. Love your web page. I am a new high school FACS teacher in NJ. Can you please help me. I would love to get copies of some of your lesson plans. I teach Foods I and II to students who never had FACS in the middle school. This is their first chance at this class. I need to have project based lessons because I only have a 2,500 budget for 180 days and 6 classes. I meet with them each day for 42 minutes. I feel like I can teach most things I just like lesson plans to teach from. Any lessons you would like to share would be wonderful .

    thanks so much

    1. Hi Carrie, I don’t have formal lesson plans to share but there are many activities here on the site. In the categories section I have activities specific to Food and Nutrition, as well as broken down by category such as measuring, sanitation, etc.

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