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Convert Grams To Teaspoons for Nutrition Label Comprehension| FaCS Technology Integration

Nutrition labels can be confusing to American students because the measurements are in grams. This term, to assess whether students can comprehend a nutrition label, I had them convert grams of sugar or fat to teaspoons.

It’s simple: 4 grams to a teaspoon. So 12 grams of sugar (like in my husband’s favorite yogurt) equals three teaspoons.

This is also a good project for integrating technology. Students can comprehend labels all they want, but there is real value in sharing their information with others. What better way than with a digital image?

Students took digital pictures and edited them with PicMonkey, one of my favorite online tools. PicMonkey allows students to share their images over several channels. I was really happy to see some students tweet their images to educate others.

Check out their work if you dare!


fruit snacks ceci-pitstick mason-daubs kiah rhylee-mcneeley noah-nissen Autumn HardmanI definitely have an Oreo weakness. I was recently shopping and about to purchase some but remembered the visual and thought better of it. I hope these images had the same affect on my students.

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