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Cookie Jar Project For Cookie Types and Definitions | Family and Consumer Sciences

Fruits and vegetables posters here, magnets here.

I’m a bit of a nerd for vintage pottery and glassware. I start our cookie unit geeking out a little bit about my favorite brands and styles of vintage cookie jars. I have a few on display.

I explain to my students that they are going to be adding to my vintage cookie jar collection. They can design their own cookie jar or look online for vintage inspiration.

Within the cookie jar students need to draw the six types of cookies. Each cookie is labeled with the type and definition. It should be in a shape that exemplifies the cookie. This is what I use for “notes” for the cookie unit.

I love the creativity that the students show with this project! Students really remember what they write. There is a little friendly competition involved too. The finished cookie jars are definitely my favorite decoration.

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