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FCS Technology Professional Development Pt2: Which Site is Right?

This is part of a FCS Technology Professional Development Four-Part Series:

Technology Saves
Which Site is Right?
How I Use My Class Website
How to Use a Website If You Hate Websites

Choosing the right platform for your class site depends on your goals, priorities, and experience.

Which class website is right for you?

Platform Google Drive Integration Student-Friendly Bells & Whistles Examples Overall
Google Sites The best! Easily upload documents and link to Google Drive and Google Apps Long url chains can be hard for students to locate. Great templates to choose from but customization options are limited. MHS Speech Best choice for incorporating Google elements. Most beginner-friendly
Blogger Use text links to share documents. Cannot upload your own documents. Fun for students to see pictures and recipes, but hard to share files. Best for connecting to social media. Great templates to choose from but HTML coding is required for customization. Best choice for sharing classroom news and photos.
WordPress.com Use text links to share documents or upload your own. Can be a blog or website. Great templates to choose from but customization options are limited. FCS For All Best choice for techies. Most popular for professional bloggers.

Which site is right for me?

I chose to use WordPress for my classroom website because I already had experience with the platform. I really enjoy programming and WordPress gives me the flexibility I need. It takes some extra finagling to incorporate social media or Google Apps but it is worth the trade for me.

My college classmates and I get together for the annual AAFCS conference in July. We have been known to skimp out on sessions so we can hang out with our laptops and share curriculum.  It makes me feel so excited for the new school year! I have long term goals of creating a website where FCS teachers can collaborate and connect.

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