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FCS Technology Professional Development Pt3: How I Use My Class Website

This is part of a FCS Technology Professional Development Four-Part Series:

Technology Saves
Which Site is Right?
How I Use My Class Website
How to Use a Website If You Hate Websites

Long time teachers have systems in place that work for them so the idea of moving materials online can be daunting. I have found that my website saves me time and helps me be more organized.

Special Education Teachers

Posting my outline and materials gives special education teachers time to make accommodations. I do not have to send a separate email to every teacher I work with for every assessment and activity.


Parents can know what their children are up to. An outline can answer a lot of their questions. My school uses PowerTeacher gradebook so I can link to assignments.


The website is a great starting point for projects and web quests. It helps me control make-up work. (The BANE of my existence!) Students are excited about sharing pictures and recipes from class.

Other FCS Teachers

Teachers are BUSY! Student teaching is CONFUSING! FACS teachers everywhere are doing great things every day.  There is no reason we all have to reinvent the wheel. The world needs more sites like Utah Education Network.


It’s easy to forget what I’ve done from term to term and my website reminds me. I am also incapable of keeping track of paper. Keeping my things online best accommodates my scatterbrain.