FCS Technology Professional Development Pt4: How To Use a Website If You Hate Websites

This is part of a FCS Technology Professional Development Four-Part Series:

Technology Saves
Which Site is Right?
How I Use My Class Website
How to Use a Website If You Hate Websites

Chances are, your school is pushing you to have a class website. If you have a system in place that works, you will naturally be resistant to change. That’s okay! You don’t have to change anything you are already doing.  It is easy to put your materials online.

This last term was especially busy for me. Instead of lofty goals of sharing curriculum with other teachers, I just wanted to be great for my own students. I did not post an outline on the blog every week or make a post about exciting class projects.  Instead I just had a text link on my blog that connected to my outline on Google Drive. Changes made to my outline in Microsoft word were automatically online.

I made a password-protected folder for tests and keys and shared it with special education teachers. I made a public folder for notes and handouts for students. It wasn’t spectacular or even cool, but it worked.

One great thing about websites is that you can interact with others! What questions do you have?