Freaky Fruit Halloween Healthy Food Demonstration

On Halloween I found myself in an awkward spot between lessons that left me with an extra half hour of class. I took advantage of the holiday and used it to demonstrate how to prepare some fun fruits that don’t otherwise fit in the curriculum.

First, I demonstrated how to cook a pumpkin instead of just carve it.


We roasted the seeds for a savory snack.


While the seeds roasted we cut up some unfamiliar fruits.

freaky-food-healthy-halloween-food-labA few students recognized a pomegranate and “star fruit” but the desert pear and lychee were new.

freaky-food-healthy-fruit-halloweenHopefully next time students are grocery shopping they may be more encouraged to try one on these unfamiliar fruits. That they choose fruit at all would be great too! 🙂

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