Good Eats: Pretzel Logic | Three-Day Yeast Dough Soft Pretzels Lab


Oh. My. Goodness. It is recipes like this that make people think Family and Consumer Sciences teachers have magic superpowers. (Does anyone else feel under high pressure at potlucks?) Even if you don’t have time to make these soft yeast dough pretzels with your students, do it for yourself. They are so good!

Good news teachers: This lab can be spread across three days!

Day 1: Students watch “Good Eats: Pretzels Logic” and take notes on their recipe card

  • Recipe is also available on Food Network.
  • This episode is a little confusing because he does the pretzels “wrong” first before correcting it. So have students record the recipe for the dough and then stop recording until he adds in the baking soda step.

Day 2: Students mix dough and review for their test with a Kahoot review game

  • Refrigerate the dough overnight after the first kneading step. We actually froze our dough and that worked well too. Just give it a whole overnight to thaw.

Day 3: Students can form pretzels, boil, and bake.

Do yourself a favor and don’t wait until your yeast bread unit rolls around to make these. 

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