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Google Folder Sharing for Cake Decorating Techniques

Cake Decorating Techniques T22014 by Slidely Slideshow

i-love-you-cake-decoratingI’ve shared before that I use Pinterest in a formative assessment of student’s understanding of basic cake decorating techniques. I still use Pinterest for students to design their client cake, but have changed the basic technique assessment to a collaborative Google folder.


  • Make a new folder in Google Drive.
  • Change sharing permissions so that your students can edit. We are a Google school so I specified that anyone in the district with the link can edit.
  • Copy/paste the link into a URL shortener. I used TinyUrl because it allowed me to specify a short link that is easy for students to remember.

Student Instructions

  • Give students a list of images of different techniques to look for:
    • Star tip fill
    • Shell border
    • Rosette
    • Leaf tip
    • Writing tip script
    • Writing tip design
    • Buttercream texture
    • Fondant
  • Encourage them to find unique cakes. Also, keep in mind cakes they would like to make. This helps get them thinking about their cake design to come.
  • As they find images, label each image as “Technique-First-Last” Examples: “Startipfill-Kayla-Pins,” “Leaftip-Kayla-Pins”
  • Drag and drop the images into the shared folder.


  • Look through the pictures to see that the students chose correct images for each technique.
  • Upload the images into an easy slide show creator like Slidely.
  • Watch the slideshow as a class and discuss the images.

Students really enjoy this collaborative project. They can see that very basic skills go far in making a professional-looking decorated cake.

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