Holiday Baking Championship “Holiday Cookie Madness” | Video To Assess Cookie Types

Video activity for Family and Consumer Sciences for students to identify types of cookies while watching an episode of Holiday Baking Championship

I only recently found the Food Network series Holiday Baking Championship. It’s wonderful! The first episode, Holiday Cookie Madness, was the perfect way to show a wide variety of cookie types. 

To begin our cookie unit each student or group of students is assigned a type of cookie:

  • Drop
  • Pressed
  • Molded
  • Sliced
  • Cut-out
  • Bar

They make a poster the shape of the cookie and include the title, description, several examples, and hints in a recipe to indicate the cookie type. As students present their posters their classmates take notes on this sheet.

After students have an understanding of each of the cookie types we watch Season 1, Episode 1: Holiday Cookie Madness of the Holiday Baking Championship. It is like an episode of Chopped with all cookies and at least 30 different kinds shown! My students and I really enjoyed the show. As they watched students recorded the kind of cookie (Example: Almond Cappuccino) and the type (Example: Pressed Cookies). It’s a great opportunity to show a wide variety without the time and cost of demonstrating each one.

The episode is a 45 minutes long so I break it up over a few days as we are waiting for cookies to bake and cool. This could also be a great activity to use with a substitute teacher who you did not want to supervise a lab. I hope your students enjoy it as much as mine did!

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