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Introducing Collards and Sense: A Free Curriculum to Help High School Students Make Smart Choices With Their Food Dollars


As you have probably noticed from my lack of posting here and on social media, my life has been consumed with graduate school. One of the classes I took was Family Budgeting and Debt Management. It is an undergraduate level course so I completed a big project to justify the graduate credit.

Introducing Collards & Sense. This is a ten-day curriculum I wrote to help high school students make smart choices with their food dollars. It is designed to be taught by any teacher and in any class, Family and Consumer Sciences certified or not, and kitchen setup or not. Activities are hands-on but require very little prep or purchasing for the teacher.


I’ve had a lot of questions about my graduate program. I’m studying for my Masters of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences from Eastern Illinois University. I’m two semesters in and it has been super challenging- a big change from grad-level courses and recertification credits I have taken in the education field. I am really enjoying studying in my discipline instead of in education. The elective courses are great and it is fun to take them with professionals in the field.

I’ve never been to campus in person but I feel “at home” at EIU, thanks to my great advisor. It is not a simple diploma mill program, I’m really working here, but my work is applicable as shown with this project that I’m excited to implement in my classroom. I have also taken far too many courses at a time and will be cutting back to one class per term going forward. There is a limit of seven years total to complete the program, so it’s safe for me to take it slow. Another plus is that EIU offers in-state tuition to students who take all of their courses online, so it is less than $300 per credit.

I considered putting this curriculum up on Teachers Pay Teachers to “get my money’s worth” but it is important to me that it stays free. I want this curriculum to be accessible to everyone. So please share it far in wide with your FCS, Business, Adult Living, and Health colleagues.

If you use the curriculum or take the time to look it over, please offer feedback so I can continue to improve it. There is a link on the curriculum website.



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5 thoughts on “Introducing Collards and Sense: A Free Curriculum to Help High School Students Make Smart Choices With Their Food Dollars”

  • I’m so excited to look this over! The year is winding down and I am running out of ideas, so the timing to see this was perfect! Thank you!

    • I’m happy to hear that! It’s a great time of year to get outside and participate in service learning too.

  • Love this! Thank you for sharing! What 3 products would you recommend in the brand comparison taste test that are budget friendly and a bit more challenging to distinguish between? I’ve always just taste tested one product with 3 different priced brands.

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