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Kitchen Safety and Sanitation Review with Today’s Meet Technology Tool

To review safety and sanitation with my Bakery students I showed this video from Jamie Oliver’s Home Cooking Skills channel. It shows someone preparing a chicken caesar salad but making many safety and sanitation mistakes along the way. The video reviews are very positive, but many point to the fact that there is no narration or recap to highlight each error.

That can be your student’s jobs!

I set up a “room” in Today’s Meet, which is like a personal temporary chat room. Anyone with the link can participate.

I showed the video and asked students to type all of the errors they saw as they were happening. Technology was great for this as opposed to writing because many students (and I) can type faster than write.

After watching the video in silence, we watched it a second time. I was able to scroll back through their comments and use them to narrate the video, pause, and discuss.

Everyone participated and was involved throughout the activity. It was so much better than just passively watching a video.

I used this as a review for my Bakery students but it would also do well as a pre-assessment for novice cooks.

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  • I tried this with my Foods II classes, and it was a success. I was skeptical at first, but it really was so much fun. Even my hard-to-please students were involved. Thank you so much for the great idea!

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