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How To Remember English System of Volume Measurements | Gallon/Quart/Pint/Cup | Family and Consumer Sciences / Home Economics

gallon quarts pints cups english imperial measurement system family consumer sciences home economics

To help students remember their English system volume measurements I tell them a story about the Great Land of Gallon.

  1. Draw a giant G and tell the students about the Great Land of Gallon
  2. The land is ruled by four queens. (Draw four Q’s inside the G)
  3. Each queen has two children. What do we call children of queens? Princes and princesses! (Draw two p’s inside each Q)
  4. We’re cat people around here. Each prince and princess have two! (Draw two C’s inside each p.)

I admit to the students that my version is very corny and that I’m sure they can think of something better. I ask them to work in groups to make a poster to help remember the English system volume measurements.

The poster must have

  • A saying to remember the measurements in order
  • A drawing of the G-Q-P-C diagram
  • An illustration to help visualize the saying

When the students have a rough draft on scratch paper I give them a sheet of construction paper. Each group’s color corresponds with their kitchen to help emphasize the color coding.

I’m always right- The students have better versions than me. And their posters add bright color to my kitchens!

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