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Planting Our Little Classroom Garden

Last week my students planted a small garden as part of their Food Issues unit. We are talking about where our food comes from and the importance of local food and community resources.
Our National Honor Society sponsor was kind enough to include my class in a gardening grant and share a sunny spot in their garden. I had good intentions of making a beautiful raised bed, but didn’t want to make my students think gardening was hard, expensive, or time-consuming. Instead we went with a simple plastic bag method.
Start by punching holes in one side of a bag of gardening soil, every three or four inches.
This was the students’ favorite step.
Turn the bag over so the holes are facing the ground. Cut the top off of the bag, leaving a two-inch border all around to hold in the dirt.
Plant the tomatoes in trenches.
In addition to tomatoes we have a variety of peppers and lots of herbs. 
The garden is tiny- 18 square feet, but is enough to grow all of the tomatoes, peppers, and herbs we will need for Food and Nutrition next year. Hopefully my students learned that gardening can be quick, easy, and rewarding.
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