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Practice Debit/Credit with Monopoly | Personal Finance | Family and Consumer Sciences


My students had a great time playing Monopoly for a day. They didn’t even seem to notice the learning objective attached: Keeping a running balance on a checking account.

Instead of cash students played with a checkbook register. Their opening balance was $1500. As they played they had to record transactions in their register and keep a running balance.

Download a blank checkbook register worksheet here. You could also have students write checks for every transaction if that was a goal for your students to learn.

Students who were absent played alone online here and turned in their balance sheet. I asked them to play long enough to fill at least half of the page.


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1 thought on “Practice Debit/Credit with Monopoly | Personal Finance | Family and Consumer Sciences”

  • Wow! This is a different approach than the standard playing. I usually meander through the groups and ask questions about their strategies: Who is saving the most?, Who is spending the most?, For those that buy, do they focus on purchasing all the railroads, or trying to get a whole color group, or the utility companies? And then it is a great way to connect to upcoming lessons or to review some past ones, too.

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