Practicing Volume Equivalents With the Card Game “War”


Volume measurement equivalents are one of the most confusing, and therefore frustrating, concepts for students. I’m certainly not against making an elective class challenging, but I also don’t want students to hate me :).

One way I ease the pain of volume equivalents is by playing “War,” just like the classic card game. I got this idea from the Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers Facebook group.

Download the cards here. Print enough sets for there to be one for every two or three students. I print them on different colors of card stock to help keep them separate.

Students play by dividing the deck completely between players. They do not look at the cards, just leave them in a stack facing down. Each student flips a card and the student with the greater measurement gets to keep both cards.

In the event of a tie students each lay three cards face down and then turn a fourth card over. The winner of that match gets to keep all eight cards.

There is obviously no strategy to this game, but (thankfully!) students still have a lot of fun with it! I hope your students do too.

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