Summer Kitchen Sprucing

Ahhh, summer! When I finally get a change to all of the things I’ve had good intentions of doing all year. Or, when I have good intentions to all of the things I’ve had good intentions to do.

My classroom is pretty retro-fabulous. I wouldn’t trade my orange metal cabinets for the world, but they need some sprucing. I’m embracing their retro-ness with some World War II posters. I did a Google search of large images and had them printed as 5 x 7 or 8 x 10 at Walgreens.

We’ve been touched by the magical Perkins fairy this year so I will have three new Kitchen Aid mixers. To decorate the kitchens, and to better organize, each kitchen will be identified by a specific color and vegetable. I’m making covers for all of my mixers. Here are the fabrics that I ordered from, and here is a link to the tutorial I will use.


I am sew looking forward to some down time this summer!

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