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Technology Integration Tutorials

  • PolyvoreA video tutorial of how to use Polyvore, which is a collage tool. A great resource for textiles and home improvement.
  • Word Clouds: Students were able to see how much they overused the word “Good” in food evaluations with this tool that makes most used words appear larger than others.
  • Shared Google Folder: Students found pictures of cakes demonstrating various decorating techniques and compiled them into a Slidely presentation for their classmates to see a wide variety of examples.
  • Carbon Footprint Calculator: Students take an interactive quiz to determine how many earths would be needed to sustain the population if everyone consumed at their rate. A real eye opener!
  • Today’s Meet: Today’s Meet allows teachers to make a private chat room for their students. In this blog post my students use it to review safety and sanitation.
  • Quizlet: Students collaborate with a Google spreadsheet to create a Quizlet review game.
  • 1Password: A tool for keeping track of all of your passwords for all of the other technology tools I’m suggesting. 🙂
  • Animoto: An example of a video I made to introduce a competition to students.
  • Pinterest: Students use Pinterest to identify different decorating techniques and plan their cake design.
  • My Fitness Pal: Students can use their phones to scan barcodes on food for nutrition information.
  • QR Codes for Absent Work: Students can scan codes to find the class outline and get caught up on missing work.
  • Kindle: Download the Kindle app for your computer to show illustrated children’s books using your projector so all students can see the pictures.
  • Notes from a presentation I gave to Family and Consumer Sciences teachers in the Grant Wood Consortium, Part 1, 2 (Choosing a website platform), 3 (How I use my website as a tool), and 4 (How a website can be helpful even if you hate websites).
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