This Week in Teen Insights (W3T3-12-13)

Monday, 1/28
Assigned: Chapter 19 Study Guide due Tuesday, Character Development Test Wednesday

  • Journal: “What is the difference between failing and being a failure? How can you use your mistakes to become a better person?”
  • Share examples of Erikson’s Stages of Development
  • Work on Chapter 19 Study Guide, due Tuesday
  • Work individually or in pairs to determine qualities of maturity: Independence, Self-Discipline, Responsibility, Good Work Habits, Respect for Others, and Competence (Handout)
  • Create a cheer, rap, poster, or collage to show qualities of maturity

Tuesday, 1/29
Assigned:Character Development Test Wednesday
Due: Chapter 19 Study Guide

  • Journal: “Imagine you are nominating an upperclassmen for a character award. ¬†What are the qualifications? Do you know of someone who should be recognized for their good character?”
  • Present cheer, rap, poster, or collage to show qualities of maturity
  • Check Study Guide with PowerPoint presentation

Wednesday, 1/30
Due: Character Development Test Today

  • Review Character Development vocabulary
  • Character Development Test
  • Chapter 6 Communication Study Guide

Thursday, 1/31
Substitute Teacher: Ms. Pins gone to professional development

Friday, 2/1

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