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Technology Integration in Family and Consumer Sciences: Using Google Spreadsheets to Evaluate Characteristics of Good Group Members

I wanted to share one of my favorite technology integration activities that we recently tried in Teen Insights. With Google Forms and Spreadsheets students were able to learn about skills of good group members while demonstrating those skills. It is much less complicated, and a lot more fun, than it sounds!

I made a Google Form of ten different group member characteristics. Students were to rank the characteristics from one through ten with one being the most important characteristic.

After students answered the form for themselves I had them partner up and agree on the rankings of the characteristics on a slip of paper. Then the partners got together in even larger group and agreed again.

Finally I sat back and told the students to agree as a class on the ranking of the ten group member characteristics. I needed to referee a bit, but for the most part I am non-involved. Inevitably a student will volunteer to write on the board, someone will initiate voting, etc.

This gives me time to calculate how well the students actually combine everyone’s opinion into one. Google sends form responses to a spreadsheet. I averaged the score for each characteristic and then sorted the sheet in ascending order.

As a class we compare what the students actually thought in the beginning, as proven by the spreadsheet rankings, opposed to what they thought as a class, shown in the handwritten list on the white board. It gives a definitive answer as to how well everyone’s voice was heard.

This makes a great discussion to begin our unit on working relationships. In the process of ranking teamwork characteristics (which is fairly arbitrary) students get to see how a real group functions and can evaluate their skills without realizing it.

Check out my Teen Insights page for my class outlines to see how this activity fits in to our Working Relationships unit. What fun activities do you do with your students to teach teamwork?

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    1. kaylapins Post author

      No, if you used the same Google Form I did it would send all of the answers to my spreadsheet. You need to make your own unique form.


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