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Video Tutorial: Using Polyvore to Integrate Technology in Family and Consumer Sciences Classes

If you follow me on Pinterest you know that my favorite teacher of all time is the fictional Ms. Frizzle. I love her creativity, enthusiasm, and willingness to make a mess. And, of course, her wardrobe. I have a board dedicated to what I imagine she would wear in my position. It is my favorite one to curate.

To be honest, the closest I have gotten to wearing anything I pin on my What Would Ms. Frizzle Wear? board is organizing it into a Polyvore set.

This set is dedicated to pie:

Pie Crust Method
Here is another for quirky food-themed t-shirts and comfortable shoes to match.
Untitled #9
Let’s be honest, my wardrobe usually ends up looking like the one below. For this set I created a capsule wardrobe featuring low-cost pieces that can be mixed for a variety of outfits.
Cracking the Dress Code Capsule Wardrobe
Teacher Clothes Capsule Wardrobe
Polyvore allows you to add items from all over the Internet, whether paint chips, shoes, accessories, home decor, or yarn, as pictured in the Marc-Jacobs inspired style below.
Marc Jacobs Inspired Block Stich Baby Blanket
In addition there is a FANTASTIC assortment of items added by other people. You can search according to color, price, keyword, and more.
Although Polyvore is a lot of fun, it has practical classroom applications as well. In the following video tutorial I will take you through creating your first set and offer assessment ideas using Polyvore in your classes.

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How do you (or will you) use Polyvore in your classroom?

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