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Weekend R&R (Recycle and Redesign!)

What a better way to spend a weekend that with some R&R? Recycle and Redesign, that is! I am an eco-geek and I love textiles, so the Recycle and Redesign FCCLA Star event is my favorite. Not that I teach textiles or have an FCCLA chapter. 🙁

That is what weekends are for! My friend and I did a craft show on Saturday featuring our favorite projects.

IMG_20141108_101128_859Here is a purse that Liz made from a women’s blazer.

IMG_20141108_101134_823She attaches a picture of the blazer to each purse she sells. People are always surprised to see what she comes up with.

IMG_20141108_101041_579Liz works as a technical designer and made these leather cuffs from old leather coats and factory floor scraps.

IMG_20141108_101258_347Her tote bags are made from thrifted sheets and curtains and are stenciled with inspirational sayings.

IMG_20141108_101011_428Here is my tiny contribution to the table. I unravel hideous old sweaters and crochet them into beanie hats. I wrote the pattern a long, long time ago and you can still access it here.

Just because you don’t have FCCLA doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate Recycle and Redesign into your class. In fact, FCCLA has lots of great rubrics with real-world scenarios that would be an asset to your classroom.

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