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Yeast Bread Notes with Honey Whole Wheat Rolls Demonstration | Family and Consumer Sciences, Home Economics Activity

Overnight Honey Whole Wheat Rolls Recipe with notes and key for demonstrating yeast bread method to Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Students

Last week I shared my Modern Marvels Bread-in-a-Bag Activity that I use to introduce yeast bread to by Bakery students. This week we went over our yeast bread notes with an overnight honey whole wheat rolls recipe.

I go over the ingredient functions, scaling, and mixing with a demonstration of the recipe. We refrigerate the dough overnight lightly oiled in a large container. Students prepare their own dough on this day as well.

On the second day I set out the bread about 30 minutes before students arrive. We go over proofing, shaping, and baking. After demonstrating a variety of dinner roll shapes, students prepare their own dough. The recipe calls for the dough to proof for 45 minutes, but we have let them rest for just 10 minutes with good results.

This term the students got crafty with some Pinterest inspiration. They prepared a red egg wash with an egg yolk and a bit of red food coloring for the Santa hat.

Overall the students enjoy all of the shapes they can make with the dough and I feel good about it being a whole grain recipe. The Modern Marvels recipe demonstrates a hard, lean, loaf, this recipe demonstrates a medium loaf, and later this week I will share my recipe for a rich dough: Cinnamon rolls.


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