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5+ Introduction and Icebreaker Activities for Family and Consumer Sciences and Home Economics

December 16, 2019 No Comments

Icebreaker Bingo

This link shares three different icebreaker bingo printables: One for health, culinary courses, and pastry courses. I like icebreaker bingo games because they get students up and interacting with every other student and also serve as a pretest and permission slip. Who has allergies? Intolerances? Vegetarian diets?

Quilt Square Introduction

The quilt square introduction is my favorite way for students to introduce themselves in a textiles course and make a beautiful design when hung up.

Chef Introduction

In this introduction, students introduce each other as if they are on their favorite cooking show. It is a good test of student confidence in cooking. Some students choose challenging shows like Chopped or Masterchef, while others are on Worst Cooks in America and specialize in pizza rolls.

Recipe of Me

This is my favorite way for pastry arts students to introduce themselves. It is a great way to learn what is important to the students. I like that students are able to pick what they would like to share as opposed to other introduction games where students might be prompted to share information that makes them uncomfortable or that they feel is irrelevant.

What are your favorite introduction activities for your classroom?

icebreaker introduction activity fcs family consumer sciences home economics (1)


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