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Every so often I share books I’ve enjoyed recently. This week features a teen theme from an adult perspective and a surprising author.

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I’ve joined a local book club and have really enjoyed our selections so far. The selections are fairly light but still engrossing. Because most of us are teachers, adolescents seem to find a way into our selections.

I wasn’t surprised to enjoy All We Ever Wanted, but was surprised to find it so relatable. In my early twenties I read all of Emily Giffin’s books and enjoyed the escapism of their typical big-city storyline. I considered them a bit fluffy but liked reading them nonetheless. All We Ever Wanted is a departure from that. It is told from the perspective of a (very) wealthy Nashville mother who discovers her husband and teenage son might not be who she expected or hoped they would be.

The story centers around a picture allegedly taken and shared by the woman’s son of a female classmate. Perspective changes between her, the girl, and the girl’s father. There is a bit of mystery surrounding the photo and high-stakes consequences for the people involved. I enjoyed it from a teacher’s perspective, as I worry about the poor decisions my students make. Drinking, sexting, and consent are all issues in this novel, and the way they are handled makes the book a compelling read.

I can imagine enjoying this as an older high school student as well. There are the issues mentioned, but unfortunately all very current and relevant to older students.

Overall, I highly recommend the selection to older teens or anyone who relates to them in their life.


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