Bingo Vocabulary Review

October 20, 2011 2 Comments

My school runs on a block schedule in 9 week terms, so the end of my first quarter is already here!

Before the final tomorrow we will take some time to review with a vocabulary bingo game.  Students will prepare their bingo card by arranging their vocabulary words on their card.

Tomorrow I will read the definition and the students will place a bean on the square of the correct vocabulary word.  When they get a “BINGO” they will read the words and definitions back to the class.

I like this activity because the students review while they are making their card, while they are playing the game, and while the answers are read back.

I keep a bucket of pinto beans to use as manipulatives for various projects.  If you are a cooler teacher than me you could use Starburst, M & M’s and more.

You can download a sample bingo as a Word document or PDF file.  This card has the vocabulary words for my student’s final test.


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