Chef Introductions

Chef Introduction | Family and Consumer Sciences First Day of School Activities

August 15, 2019 2 Comments

Chef Introductions

This is my favorite first day of school activity for Family and Consumer Sciences. It works great with my Culinary Essentials class or any other foods related FCS course.

I start by playing the first few minutes of an episode of Chopped as the chefs are introduced. Then I pair students up and project the slide below. Students are to introduce each other as if they are a contestant on a cooking competition show such as Chopped.

I share my example with students:

Next up on Chopped we have Kayla Pins of Monticello Iowa. She is the chef-owner of Midwest Veg, a meatless meat-and-potatoes style restaurant. Kayla specializes in stick-to-your ribs hearty food using healthy ingredients or as she likes to call it- food that’s both good for you and good to you! Incidentally, Kayla grew up on a beef farm and milked cows as a job in high school! All of Kayla’s favorite memories involve food. She loves how food brings people together and is a huge advocate for family meals!

Her signature dish is vegetarian BLT pizza on a sourdough crust. It is so good her Catholic meat-eating husband once spit it out thinking he accidentally ate meat on a Lenten Friday! 

Kayla will be successful on Chopped because she is very creative and is good at making tasty meals from things she already has on hand. With her winnings from the show Kayla will renovate the Cascade, Iowa Family and Consumer Sciences cooking labs complete with dishwashers!

The students have a lot of fun with this activity, although the most common “show” students are “contestants” on is Worst Cooks in America!

Chef Introductions


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  • Leona Vrbanac July 24, 2020 at 8:54 am

    Hello! I am really working hard on putting my lessons on google docs…and the examples you send out through email are an inspiration and a tremendous help! I often get overwhelmed with HOW MUCH there is to communicate to my students…and seeing how you choose what is most important feels calming and makes the task seem more “doable”. Thank you!

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