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October 14, 2011 No Comments

Today students demonstrated fruit cookery by preparing fruit toppings for pancakes.  This also gave them an opportunity to practice the muffin batter method.

This lab was the one exception to my class rule:  Always eat breakfast before school!  The pancakes were filling and the toppings were delicious.

Students prepared strawberry topping, peach topping, and spicy orange-apple topping.  Each topping was very popular- hard to tell a clear winner.

Although the lab’s emphasis was fruit preparation, students practiced making pancakes.  They learned that cooking pancakes at a high heat burned the pancakes before they were cooked through, and that a medium heat was best.

Teacher’s Notes:

Serving cooked fruit over pancakes was a very satisfying way for the students to sample the various toppings.  The students still had the experience of cutting and preparing fruit without the expense of a produce-heavy dish like a fruit crisp.  I was able to use commodity flour for the students to prepare the pancakes so this was a very inexpensive lab for my department.

These pancakes were very filling.  My kitchen groups are only three or four students, so in the future I will divide my pancake recipe in half.

You may download my originals for this lab:


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