Daily Fat Grams Journal- Bell Work

December 9, 2011 No Comments

Today students entered the classroom to the following written on the board:

Our textbook says you should consume less than 30% of your calories from fat.  If there are 9 calories in one gram of fat, how many grams should you eat every day?

Students know how many total calories they should eat in a day from their MyPlate Tracker.  They worked independently for awhile before coming back together as a class.

Multiply the number of calories you need in a day by .3 to calculate 30% of total calories.  Divide this number by 9 to tell you how many fat grams you should consume in one day.

Remind students that this number is the upper limit of ideal fat grams.

This week students researched fad diets and calculated calorie distribution.  They could use this information to determine if their fad diet was within their fat-gram allowance.

Students watched an Eat This, Not That, clip about breakfast foods.  They recorded the fat grams of each unhealthy option given.  Afterwards students “chose” a breakfast option and calculated what percent of daily fat gram allowance the breakfast provided.

It is always important to keep a balance when teaching nutrition.  Remind students that fat is a necessary nutrient and never to cut fat completely from a diet.  Help students to make better choices about fats.  Never encourage extreme eating habits.



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