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D&D Dice in the Classroom

November 25, 2019 1 Comment

If you are not nerdy enough to know the wonder of Dungeons and Dragons dice, welcome. I have had the opportunity to enjoy the role play game as well as the magic of these dice in the classroom. Here’s how I put them to use.

Besides the “normal” six-sided die, a complete D&D set has four, eight, ten, twelve, twenty, and a percentage-sided die. These are super helpful for making decisions and random selections in the classroom.

A set of dice can be picked up at any gameboard store or quickly purchased online. (Here’s a link to a set similar to mine)

Using the dice is pretty self-explanatory. Just use the number-sided of the die closest to the decision you have to make.

Discussion list with 10 questions? Roll the 10.

Call on a table group of four tables? Roll the four.

Thirty-one different students? Roll the four and the 10 at the same time. The four-sided die determines the first numeral, with four standing in as zero, and the 10-sided die chooses the second numeral. God bless you if you ever need the four to be an actual four!

This dice set saves so much time and clutter of having class cards or sticks. Just keep a student list (you probably have this in your gradebook already) and choose a student by number.

Who gets to choose the Pandora station of the day? Who gets to take out the compost? Now, fate can tell.

dungeons and dragons D&D dice classroom management


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