Emergency Substitute Teacher Plans for Family and Consumer Sciences/Home Economics Teachers

November 19, 2015 No Comments

emergency substitute teacher plans family and consumer sciences

No emergencies here! But is there anything worse than needing substitute teacher plans on short notice? I have the good fortune of knowing ahead of time that I will be absent today so I thought I’d pass these plans along to you. My Food and Nutrition students will be reviewing basic skills that could be relevant to many Family and Consumer Sciences curriculum areas.

Students will start the day with a review worksheet of equivalents, conversions, and unit pricing. It is printed on one side with the conversions and equivalents portion of an old test and the other with a unit pricing worksheet.

Then students will play a Kahoot review game on recipe skills and preparation tasks. I added a reminder to the sub to click any inappropriate names. đŸ™‚ I also use Kahoot’s download results function to scare the students into picking names I would recognize in the gradebook.

Afterwards students will take out their preparation tasks vocabulary sheet they were assigned earlier in the unit. This corresponds with Chapter 8.4 of Food For Today. Then they will use a sheet of scratch paper to make a Bingo board. They will watch an episode of Chopped and if will write a vocabulary word in a square if they see it used.

I am really blessed to have as few preps as I do. I hope these plans can help make your absence a little less hectic!


  • We are watching A Chopped Thanksgiving. Food Network has episodes available for free, but I don’t like their advertisements. Netflix and Amazon have episodes but I don’t want to share my login information. I purchase episodes on YouTube for just $1.99.
  • I use this wet erase marker trick when I play Bingo. I also use pinto beans as block markers on the boards.
  • I actually have two preps… Bakery students are working on their Healthy Kids Quick Breads projects. I will report back on that next week.



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