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Too often my students think that a career in foodservice means flipping burgers for the rest of their lives.  What I tell them is that yes, you will start flipping burgers.  But if you demonstrate the skills you learn in your FCS classes and are a hard worker, you will quickly move up the pay scale and career ladder! Assistant managers at McDonalds can make as much as a first-year teacher and have excellent benefits.

There are dozens of other exciting careers for students interested in Family and Consumer Sciences.  One career that I especially endorse is my own! My graduating class at Iowa state had, and has had for several years, a 100% job placement rate.  There are currently 14 openings in Iowa alone! My job is exciting, creative, and different every day.

I collect newspaper articles on my bulletin board for students to explore culinary careers.  Next to each article I make a star with the job title next to it.  I also highlight job shadow experiences in the family and human services field.

You can view the Google document that I used to make the stars for my bulletin board. Download a copy for yourself and change the career titles to fit the articles you find! Google also likes to change my fonts so you can personalize those as well.

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