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Flyswatter Vocabulary Review | A Fun, Zero-Prep Review Game

October 10, 2019 No Comments

My students and I recently enjoyed a new vocabulary game that went really well.

I made a slide with all of their vocabulary words and projected it on the board. (Actually, I just posted the flashcard template for their reproductive anatomy cards.) This is easy to whip up by quickly making a table on a PowerPoint or GoogleSlides slide.

flyswatter vocabulary review game

To play, two students go to the board. I read the definition of a vocabulary word and the students turn to swat the word as fast as they can. The winning student stays to challenge the next student. When (if) they lose, they take the place sitting of the person who takes their place standing. The student who travels the farthest around the classroom wins.

This game is especially great for words like the ones above that students are new to pronouncing or would prefer not to say. Although it was the first day they practiced their vocabulary, they were loud and competitive playing this game instead of shy and awkward.

Definitely worth “investing” in some cute flyswatters. (Here’s an Amazon link of five for $8)

P.S. Looking for other not-awkward sex ed lessons? Try my STI networking lesson.


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